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Playing an instrument is COMPLEX, and it is easy for students (and parents) to lose the initial excitement and become overwhelmed shortly after the rental flute or clarinet comes home.

You’re a busy parent with busy kids. Between soccer practice, honors algebra, and finding time to make dinner, reminding your student to practice their instruments is easily neglected. Do you ever wish that someone else could help make practicing and playing more fun for your children?


Inspiring students to play their instruments and learn how to practice is what I LOVE to do. Although students in Northern Virginia are the highest achieving students with whom I have ever worked, they are also the busiest. That’s why I offer private music lessons—to bring joy in practicing in a student’s otherwise stressful schedule. 

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My name is Chelsea Kaye Anderson, and I privately coach Northern Virginia students who are excited to learn a brand new woodwind instrument or are looking to perform at their full potential.


In every lesson, I give students the tools they need to practice efficiently, while sprinkling in a little fun and a lot of joy, without all the fear and anxiety that often comes with lessons and band or orchestra auditions. With 10 years of private teaching and multiple degrees in music education and performance, I have built a studio of high performing students who are regularly placed in top high school ensembles and area orchestras.

During my first year of teaching in Northern Virginia in 2016, I casually bet another teacher that every beginner student would leave their first lesson being able to play Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Now, 5 years later, I have not lost that bet.


One question students always ask me is “Do you really play all of these instruments, Ms. Chelsea?” The answer is yes. While my music education degree from Ithaca College ensured proficiency, I was always curious about instruments outside my primary flute voice. While my degrees from Ithaca College and Peabody Conservatory are in flute, I regularly perform on oboe, clarinet, and saxophone. My senior cat, Dahlia, hates piccolo the most and clarinet the least!

Private lessons give students the unique experience of working individually on their music aspirations. Every semester, students engage in goal setting exercises that help us shape the trajectory of every single lesson. Because every student is a unique learner and an amazing human, my approach is individualized to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals. 

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Lesson Locations:

Lessons currently take place in West Falls Church. Our Virtual Lesson Academy also allows students to access NVWA from anywhere around the world!

“Chelsea Kaye is a phenomenal teacher. Not only does she individualize the lesson plan and approach for each student, but she inspires every student to perform at her best. I’ve seen firsthand how my student has grown and matured, not just in her playing, but also as an individual.”

-Parent Testimonial

Are you ready to enroll your student for lessons at the Northern Virginia Woodwind Academy?

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